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Lukka is different.

Support for over 7,300 spot assets and even more derivatives across more than 250 unique sources. 

Comprehensive Coverage

Superior Experience

Our user experience is  intuitive, guided and easy to follow – unlike other crypto tax calculators which feature poorly-designed, confusing user interfaces.

FMV Prices

Lukka is the only solution that uses Lukka Prime, a pricing source that uses executed exchange prices.


Lukka Reference Data standardizes the data from all your sources to provide our users with consistency and uniformity.

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Only $19.95 for 2020 Tax Reports

$9.95 per year for 2014 - 2019 Tax Reports

Know the right questions to ask.

Are my acquisitions and disposals matched 
on the exchange level or across all my sources?

What pricing source is used to determine cost basis?

How are my trade fees treated when they are paid in USD and how do they differ from fees paid in crypto?


Lukka matches your acquisitions and disposals of like assets across all your sources, also known as "global matching," which helps lower your taxable income.

Lukka uses "Lukka Prime," the world's first Fair Market Value pricing source for crypto and the most accurate way to determine cost basis. If you're software is using a third-party "index" or "VWAP," this may result in an inaccurate cost basis or proceeds value, which can increase your taxable income.

Fees paid in USD adjust your cost basis or proceeds. Lukka adjusts your cost basis, lowering your taxable income.

Fees paid in crypto should treated as disposals and valued at FMV since crypto is a capital asset. Lukka values your crypto fees then adjusts your cost basis, which also helps to lower your taxable income.

Connect to 
the ecosystem.


API Connectors


Mapped Exchange Files

See all of your accounts, connect your APIs, and upload old files to see what it all adds up to.

Manage your data.

We organize your messy crypto data into clean tax lots so you can report your capital gains accurately. Support for income from mining, staking and other transaction types.

File fast.

One screen to see your optimized gain/loss and download all the tax forms you need to file.

   Specific IDs for all of your lots.

   Choose FIFO, LIFO, or HIFO.

   Download tax forms or CSV files.

Support for 7,300+ crypto assets across more than 250 sources.


Easily label your mining, staking, and airdrops.

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Retroactive Filing

Lukka supports tax years back to 2014 for those who need to refile or amend previous years' returns.


MFA for all users and data encryption in transit and at rest


Automated checks and maintenance on all data fed into Lukka software.


The only crypto asset software with AICPA SOC 1 Type II and SOC 2 Type II certifications


LukkaTax's customer support was very helpful in answering my question. When Sarah did not know the answer, she immediately got a specialist involved and I had my answer in a timely manner. Your website has several articles on how to retrieve and upload data from exchanges. It was very helpful.

Neal M.

I had issues with importing trade reports on a Saturday night during a holiday weekend, took less than 5 minutes to get assistance from Anthony. First time using Lukka and probably won't be my last. Thank you for creating a cheap and easy to use alternative to other crypto tax sites, much appreciated!!

Ray C.

Why is your price much more reasonable than I had a problem with the first file when I tried CryptoTrader.Tax and they are too expensive so I tried LukkaTax. I found your entry mode is much easier. I struggled for days with CryptoTrader and got nowhere. Here I made solid progress. Thx!

Melissa M.

I used several competing services and found LukkaTax to be the most flexible fo rmy needs, as my company is paid in bitcoin by some clients. The only thing I would like to see is generation of the Form 8949. Best of luck and I'll be back next year!

Hi Melissa,
Thanks for the feedback! We have now added both 8949 and schedule 1 forms, so you can download them now!
-LukkaTax Support

Crypto Tax Reporting

One screen.

All of your 

The IRS has required you to pay taxes on your crypto income since 2014.

Wha't s source? A source is any place you have your crypto transaction data, such as an exchange or wallet provider like Coinbase, Kraken or ...and we will help clean it all of those inconsistent ticker symbols.



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